Andi Gisler -Bio

Early classical training and a keen interest in rock and blues styles formed the backbone for Andi's guitar playing that is equally traditional and modern. From the late 80s on he was an in-demand live and studio musician on the Swiss music scene and beyond, highlights included recording sessions in England and the USA and countless gigs spanning from the legendary C.B.C.B's in New York City to the prestigious St. Gallen Open Air festival in Switzerland.

For the past 20 years Andi has also operated his own Doorknocker Recording Studio in Basel, Switzerland. The first production there was  the solo debut of California Americana artist Mark Wise who went on to record several albums at Doorknocker since. Over the years Andi has also worked and recorded with Dominique + the Wondertoys, Tea for Two, The Soul Damage Club, STIP, Baton Rouge, David Waddell + Hellbound Train , Oisin, English Garden, Surf and Turf, Tonino Castiglione and The Gregory Larsen Band - among many other projects.
Please check the 'Sounds' section for some examples.

 In 2017 Andi had the honor of recording the legendary Manfred Mann and his Earthband who were in town for the Baloise Session concert and used their time in Basel for adding recordings for their upcoming album.

 'Facing The Sea- Guitar Routes Vol.1'  is Andi's solo debut. It's an all-acoustic instrumental album with 9 original tunes and 4 distinctive covers.

Currently Andi is also working with singer/guitarist Rebekka Dold in the duo 'Bluebird' - an acoustic setting that incorporates poetry set to music and is just about set to start recording their debut album. Check us out here